When I started working with a computer to manipulate sound I used soundforge and Fruity Loops. Although I got interesting results, I was thinking I wanted something more flexible, more organic. STEIM‘s flagship program LiSa became a very important environment for me, not only for live performance but also for generating material for compositions and in installations. LiSa was destined to disappear since it does not work with MAC OS 10.7 and up. There is something about how LiSa handles sound that I have not seen or heard with other program’s except maybe for Robert van Heumen‘s excellent customized recreation in Super Collider. I was very excited to see Frank Baldé’s new creation RoSa last night at STEIM, appropriately named after Michel Waisvisz’ daughter Rosa (it also stand for Realtime Osc SAmpler).

It has LiSa’s basic engine and setup, but it needs to be edited and controlled by an external host using OSC. It does miss some things (like the way you could apply tables) but this can now all be programmed yourself in any environment you want. Frank’s first edit and control setup in the Lemur environment for Ipad seems to be a good starting point, especially for LiSa users like myself, but of course this gives many more possibilities and more flexibility. The demonstration with Jos Zwaanenburg sounded really promising, a very nice live-sampling piece, but also the sound quality was great. Maybe this also has to do with the higher resolution that OSC gives compared to MIDI.