Demonstration of my new instrument: the Yourock Guitar with Wii mote & Nunchuck attached.

In November 2011 I stayed at the Center for Experimental Music & Intermedia (CEMI), part of the Composition Studies of the University of North Texas in Denton TX, as a visiting composer.

I had access to a great studio, equipped with a beautiful surround sound setup, being able to work undisturbed on my new setup. I recently bought a Yourock Midi guitar to control my ever changing setup consisting of LiSa,  a Nord Micro Modular  and Ableton Live. Even though it feels like a plastic toy guitar it turns out to be pretty cool controlling midi notes and cc data with it, especially since I did play guitar at some point in my life. I experimented with attaching a Wii mote and Nunchuck (data conversion by JunXion) to the guitar, enabling me to send more midi CC information when rocking out.

I concluded my stay in Denton with a concert with the new setup, performing my piece Amanda (originally made for this performance) in a surround sound installation an my composition Cosmological Flight in a 8 channel version.

Afterwards it was my great pleasure to visit New Orleans

My gracious hosts Dana Jessen and Mike Straus at a microbrewery, the day after our performance at the Blue Nile.