Ties Mellema presented his Solo CD “Grab It!” at August 17 2006 as part of the Grachtenfestival. The location was the top floor of the IJ-Toren which has a great view of the river and the city. He invited me to play two tracks with him, one of them was Canto Llano from Venezuelan conductor and composer Eduardo Marturet. I suggested the audience puts on a blindfold when listening to this composition for Melodic Instrument and Delay to concentrate on the sound and spacial qualities of the piece and to enhance the effect of the stunning view of the location after taking off the blindfold. I was using a software version of a Tape Delay that I manipulated live. We also played a piece of mine called “Drive”, combining renaissance melodies with breakbeats and Ties played a few of Jacob Ter Veldhuis’ pieces (who was also present), amongst them his most famous one “Grab It!” which also appears on the CD.




Pictures: Ronald Knapp