After the second world war brought a lot of English words into the Dutch language, and it may hardly be no surprise that German words didn’t make it. There is one exception, which is the now fully accepted German word bunker. Before World War Two they were called ‘Kazemat’, which is a beautiful word, I think. Praise to Rob Vugs and Ivo Bol who just started a label with the same name, and more praise to him for this daring move: a bit of heavy vinyl, gatefold, full color sleeve, in an edition of 500 copies. Let’s hope this may last longer than just one release.

Ivo Bol was once a member of Wrikken, who released a 7″ on Mixer (see Vital Weekly 334), but since time works solo as Vinkepeezer, creating music by using game controllers and acoustic instruments. Much of his work is created for film, theatre and dance. In the first two pieces it seems that Bol loves his Oval, through a jumpy myriad of bouncing sounds. Closely out of phase they make a densely shaped total. Its however not a glitch based as Oval, or many of their followers. Bol creates his own strong world, plus he knows how to cut back in sound and make a quieter moment. Nothing earth shaking new, but executed with great care. Morsanek is an Amsterdam based guitarist, DJ and sound editor, who for his own piece, which spans one side of this record, he uses his guitar, effects and sound editing. Its a bit hard to say how much of this was guitar or ‘live’, as I hear many different layers, which seems to be hard for one person to deal with and there are some sounds which seem like ‘real’ percussion. Whereas Vinkepeezer stays on the safe side of things, Morsanek goes for the adventure of sound, offering a wider range of sounds and moods, and makes a more surprising piece of music. But both sides are quite nice, so this is a most promising start for this new label. (Frans de Waard)

KAZ 001: split Album Morsanek / Vinkepeezer