How are we connected with the rhythms of the weather and the landscape? This question was the starting point for the research I did in 2013 and 2014 with lighting designer Katinka Marac. Together we observed the weather and landscape in the Dutch polder of Starnmeer in Noord Holland, and the impact it had on our body and our mind. We used this information to make a score for a miniature landscape of fog, light and surround sound. The result was Lines, a meditative light and sound installation.

Lines was presented at the Luminale 2014 in Offenbach, at STEIM, at the Amsterdam Light festival and in WOW. Lines was supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the Performing Art Fund NL. With thanks to Buitenwerkplaats, iLO, Oostblok, Steim, WOW, Marion Traenkle, Paul Beumer, Esther Laseur and Evelements light en sound.