A composition with light, sound and performers in the former Panopticon prison in Haarlem 09.11.2018, in which the audience could experience the architecture and history of the building.

The concept of ​​the Panopticon was conceived in the 18th century by Jeremy Bentham, as an architecture for perfect control. “A cruel, ingenious cage” according to the philosopher Foucault. Tränkle and Bol approach this architecture in a composition specially made with the building. The oppositions and the relationships of the centre with all the 224 individual cells are represented and interpreted in a new way by sound, light and movement. Rhythms, synchronicity, relationships and blackouts arise: continuously changing patterns made by people and their history with the building.

concept: Ivo Bol and Marion Tränkle
sound composition: Ivo Bol
light composition: Marion Tränkle
performers: Roos van Berkel, Cindy Brussel-Bienemann, Maartje Douwes, Suzana Gomes, Annemarie Libbers, Maria Ines Villasmil
voice: Florian de Backere
See me now? is a collaboration with the Panopticon Foundation and Cityscape Foundation
thanks to Cesco van de Zwaag, LITES film bv, Danshuis Haarlem
supported by the Dutch Performing Art Fund and Creative Industries Fund NL
a NOW production
© 2018