Can we detect our unique characteristics as individuals, and project this into the outside world? (un)focussed is a live brain choreography, in which we use sensors (the Muse headband) to compare the brain-states of two performers. This performance was originally commissioned by the Amsterdam Brain and Mind project / VU University in Amsterdam and developed together with Alberto Novello.

We compare the brains of our two performers Roos and Tashi, by streaming the data of both EEG’s live and sending it to two lasers. The different brainwaves are bend in a circular shape, allowing to depict restlessness with a more noisy spectrum. The data also influences the sound environment. The performers have physical and mental tasks, we combine the brainwave data with the accelerometer and gyroscope of the EEG to make the performance more dynamic and use their physical presence as well as their mental state. Halfway into the performance we use 10hz flickering to manipulate and sync their brainwaves, similar to the effect of the dream machine. At the end Roos and Tashi can direct the laser bundle by concentrating and point it to a light sensor. The sensor triggers big blinding lights, and with a pure mental task they can blind the audience and influence the space.

concept: Ivo Bol and Alberto Novello
EEG analysis and laser design: Alberto Novello
sound design: Ivo Bol
scenography & light design: Marion Tränkle
choreography: Marion Tränkle, Roos van Berkel and Tashi Iwaoka
performers: Roos van Berkel and Tashi Iwaoka
video: Eric de Clercq

supported by The Performing Arts Fund NL, the Creative Industries Fund NL,the Amsterdam Brain and Mind project and the Amsterdam Neuroscience Alliance. Special thanks to Patricia Pisters, Arjen Brussaard and Wijnand Geraerts.

15.10.2015 try-out at Amsterdam Dance Event, Compagnietheater Amsterdam
18.04.2017 Amsterdam Brain and Mind project, Compagnietheater Amsterdam
19.04.2017 Worlding the Brain Symposium, Compagnietheater Amsterdam
06.10.2017 Amsterdam Neuroscience Kickoff Meeting Theater Amsterdam
09.04.2017 The Warp, Art Chapel Amsterdam