Om may 1st 1963, the authority of Dutch New Guinea was handed over to Indonesia. It was very disappointing for The Netherlands, since this was the last bit of the colonial Empire in the east after the Dutch East Indies became independent in 1949. This film is a comment on how the Dutch presented themselves, as the people who would bring the Papua’s from the stone age into the 20th century. The film was made with Willem Peter Meeuwissen, and with the support of various museums and institutions. It is made entirely out of archive and propaganda material. It was presented for the first time october 1st 2012 at museum and residency for the former Dutch East-Indian military Bronbeek in Arnhem. At this event a monument was presented for Papua’s who have fought in the conflict with Indonesia. The Papua’s have been suppressed by the Indonesians ever since and some are still fighting for independence.  It was impressive to share it with hundreds of Dutch Veterans and Papua’s who have witnessed this fascinating history first hand.


een klankbeeld over Nederlands Nieuw-Guinea
concept en geluid: Ivo Bol
beeld: Willem Peter Meeuwissen
Tot stand gekomen met hulp van:
Koninklijk Tehuis voor Oud-Militairen en Museum Bronbeek
Mariniersmuseum Rotterdam
Legermuseum Delft

met dank aan:
Hans van den Akker
Loes Barnard
Jan van den Boogaard
Casper van Bruggen
Marjan Groen
Sjoerd Jaarsma
Nancy Jouwe
Kees Maaswinkel
Ad Plante
Niek Ravensbergen
Andreas Schelfhout
Annelies Visser
Annegriet Wietsma
Stichting Papoea cultureel erfgoed

Beeld en Geluid Hilversum
Ad Plante
Legermuseum Delft
geluid gerealiseerd in Studio Bol
beeldmontage: W.P. Meeuwissen media