My latest collaboration with choreographer Luis Lara Malvacías is a performance titled “(T).” It was premiered october 16th 2014 at Danspace Project in New York. My second incorporation of the Makey Makey in a performance was challenging (my macbook crapping out twice was not helping either) but we pulled it off with a great ensemble piece of dancers making music by touching fruit and vegetables. Read more here.


By Luis Lara Malvacías with collaborator: Jeremy Nelson

(T). is performed by: Jeremy Nelson, Mark Schmidt, Maya Orchin, Kay Ottinger, Theresa Duhon, Timothy Garlid, Priscilla Marrero, Nikima Jagudajev, and Luis Lara Malvacías.

Sound: Ivo Bol
Visuals: Luis Lara Malvacías
Lighting Design: Miranda Mikesh

(T). has received funding through a grant by the Netherland – America Foundation