This summer I was part of the Music Omi International Musicians Residency, which means you stay in a beautiful place in the countryside in upstate New York for 17 days where you can make music the whole day every day and eat great food. It was a fantastic experience. Me and 13 very talented musicians / composers from around the globe were invited, it was a diverse and lovely group of people. We had visits and workshops from extended flute master Robert Dick, and Karl Berger and Ingrid Sertso from the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock. We concluded the residency with a performance at the Roulette in NYC on August 11. The performance was great, but the best thing was just the playing and learning from each other (but lets not forget also drinking Svedka, dancing in the barn and “holy time” at the swimming pool). Thank you OMI and thank you Ricky, Vlady, Monika, Julianne, Ziggy, Jen-Kuang, Eremira, Jasna, Sankari, Udo, Hans, Ute, Milo, Jeffrey and Katie.

My particpation in the Residency is made possible through a grant from the Netherland-America Foundation

Pictures: Eremira Çitaku, Ivo Bol and Ross.