In may 2004 I was working with choreographer Maria Ines Villasmil on her project RECOG: A sensitive stage in the AHK in Amsterdam, as part of her graduation project for the Dance and New Media Master degree Dance Unlimited.

The sounds and lights were triggered or influenced by the movements of the dancers. This was done through a motion tracking system using a surveillance camera. The movements were registered with Soft VNS, a application for the MAX envirnoment, translated into Midi commands that were send to samplers and the light equipment. It was a challenge making something which was working but was also “organic” in a way, not just a cold technological piece. It was great to work on this, very interesting and I hope one day we can continue with this project. The lights were made by Katinka Marac, dancers: Maria Ines Villasmil and Irena Mikec, programming Max by Rui Dias and Amy Beeston, advice Kirk Woolford.

Photos: Kirk Woolford